Welcome To The World Of Cin!!
Author Biography

Cin was born in Cleveland, Ohio, where she spent the majority of her childhood, then moved with her parents and siblings to Overbrook, Oklahoma at the age of 14, then later moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma; where she spent close to four years, before moving back to Ohio, and has been residing in Las Vegas, Nevada since August of 1993 and Rome, Italy, off and on, since November 2006.

As a child, she showed an array of skills that caught the attention of all adults who encountered her. You could not help but to stop and stare at her with big eyes, and a gapping mouth, as she sung opera as a Soprano 1, better than a trained professional, at the age of seven years old (Damn!!  She was born with that skill). 

The following year, she started designing and sewing gowns as well as dresses, never using a sewing pattern.  Later in years, creating her own line of gowns and mini dresses, in Cleveland, Ohio.  She began to sale them to family, friends, and all others that wanted something sensually unique; she ultimately named her clothing line “The Haynesworth Dress”.  (Another skill that she was born with)

At the age of nine, she took a liking to reading; reading so much that sometimes she would read two books in one day.  You ask her who her favorite author is, and without hesitation, she will say Shakespeare, and at the age of nine, she was also able to understand a vast amount of Shakespeare’s work, and her favorite piece, she eagerly expresses, is Julius Cesar.  She says in a hip-hop dialect, rolling her tongue ring across her lips with a crooked-lip smile; then stop to laugh at her silliness.

Also at that age she read books from fiction, romance, how to be a detective, the arts of sex, automotive mechanics, travel, home renovation, logical thinking, books on self improvement, ballet, self defense, and business; teaching herself from every book that was in her grasp. 

She is definitely a different type of woman, and sometimes I can see why she is still single, because it is going to take a very confident man to be with this chocolatey, soul-soothing, tall beauty that can send a man’s loins into chaos with just her words and sensual voice; so imagine what it would be like to actually be with her.

Wheeeew...   Man Oh Man!!

Cin has been writing since 3rd grade, mainly poetry; then entering the age of 17, she began writing short love stories and poetry, most of her work, from her childhood, she keeps boxed up and stored away.

She began writing erotica seriously and steadily at the end of 2007, where her first piece was titled “Taste”, and from there, erotic stories and poetry continued to spill out from her pen.

She says that a single word can influence her writing, or a short sentence.  She also states that being beyond super sensitive from the first grade until now, and with it growing more intense each year may have a lot to do with what and how she writes.

I laugh to myself when I once overheard her in a restaurant say that she could actually feel the taste of her food and can have orgasms from it.

Then went into explaining that this is what the food in Europe does to her, as well as sushi; while she sat there eating Salmon with a pair of red-tipped black porcelain chopsticks to her lips, rubbing her hand up and down her thigh while her toes began to curl in her 6” black, red-bottom toeless heels. 

To know her personally, is to honestly and truly love her.  She is very kind-hearted, always smiling and behind that smile is a very confident, goal oriented, giggly, but also a bit shy, and delightful female, that houses a vast amount of skills and knowledge in that sexy brain of hers.

She is truly very sensual, steamy, hot and lusty, but the crazy thing is; is that she does not know that she is, and that also makes her even more sexy, lovable, and wanted.

Her voice, as she reads her work or when she speaks, oozes erotica, and so does her eyes; they will drown you into wanting her.

She is a very happy-go-lucky woman with a warmth about her that penetrates you into smiles and you can see her aura radiating warmth and kindness as she walks towards you smiling--she is truly a gem.

When she walks into a room, it is crazy how people stop and stare at her, then whisper, and admire this tall drink, as her body sways with grace in her 6 or 7” high heels; still owning the walk of a runway model, a title that she held for six years.

Yes, her work will definitely have you melting into the warmth of her.  Hypnotizing you to be that man in her stories, while feeling her every word, making you feel her in ways that you have never felt a woman, and that is—without being physically touched!!

Hahaha!!!  Damn, she is good, and we are not afraid to admit it!!

Getting to know Cin, some people say that she is very secretive, a very private person.  I would not say secretive, as she has experienced more in her life than most, and do not mind sharing.  It is just that she has experienced so much, there is much to tell, so she tells only snippets, unless a person ask for more details.

Living alone as a single woman, Cin sometimes get out to perform at an open mic or two, host some local Las Vegas shows, dance salsa all night long, country line dance, take her Honda CBR 900RR Motorcycle out for a spin around town.  

You may catch her sitting in the VIP of some local hot spots, walking a red or black carpet event, even spending time with some big named celebrities.  Cin is still a very down-to-earth person and is still a bit of a loner, spending a great deal of her time locked away writing, planning, and inventing.

She explains that most people think that she is a party animal, with a long line of suitors that wrap around a couple of big-city blocks.  Cin laughs aloud and says that she has never seen them, and she does not see them even now.

However, she deeply expresses that she wants only one, and supposes that she will know him when he is ready to come to her, as she is ready, but she states with confidence that she does not plan to settle, with a big bright smile on her face.

Cin is truly a simple but complex woman, there are so many ways to describe her, but to shorten it, and explain her to a perfect stranger, well in the words that, we, her close friends describe her would be this:

Fun, funny, full of energy, positive, witty, tall, curvy, statuesque, chocolatey, educated, beautiful, sexy, sensual, steamy, giggly, youthful, always smiling, addictive, giving, creative, positive, loving, adventuress, loner, kind, confident, somewhat fearless, not afraid to speak her mind (with kindness), have a plethora of skills and knowledge, and the most down-to-earth person that you will probably ever meet.

And she thinks that she is just a simple girl in a woman's body. She is more--she is truly an amazing person.

~ Written By Her Closest Friends ~