Welcome To The World Of Cin!!

"Between These Thighs"

"Between These Thighs", Book One of The Cindarotica Collection is a very sensual and stimulatingly sexual book of short stories, dedicated to men, and written specifically for men.  However, women enjoy reading Cin’s work as well.

Cin has created an amazing collection of short-sensual stories that truly hold a man’s attention better than most stories you find in monthly gentlemen magazines with photos.  

It is done with such class and elegance, that you will be amazed at how she uses just her words to stir up the passion deep within you, almost effortlessly.  Allowing you to know and to feel how you make women experience sexual pleasures from the very beginning to the vivid and explosive end.  

All of your senses will be totally immersed into every moment, every touch of her body, the warm whispers to her ear, the moistness that wets her panties, the earthy smells of her, the intense moans of pleasure, as well as her climax into earth-quaking orgasms.  

Yes, her work will definitely have you aroused, hypnotizing you to be that man in her stories, while feeling her every word come alive, making you feel her in ways that you have never felt a woman, and that is—without being physically touched!!

“Between These Thighs" is not just another book about erotica; The Cindarotica Collection is the EPITOME of Erotica for men! 

Her stories will keep you on the edge of your seat or bed from “Early Morning” to “When The Night Falls”.

You will feel the passion of her words and the heat of the emotion, from “Untouched” to “Taste”, and be transported to that sensual moment in time with pieces like “He Wooed Me”, “My Birthday Card To Him”, "The Doctor’s Office”, “Call To Me”, and “He Is”. 

You will be thrilled with the anticipation of “In The Rain” and love her whispers of “I Miss You”, “Finding In Lost”, "Day Dreaming You", and “I Like”.

From the visual sensation of “Watching Me Dress” to the lip licking enjoyment of “The Quickie” you will “Listen”, “In The Dark”, while your juices melt “Like Chocolate”, saying that “I Liked It Though".

Each story will take you on a stimulating roller coaster ride from anticipation, to wanting her; from desire to total self-gratification.  

This book also comes in an audio-book format (CD without photos), However, I must warn you now, that the audio book is intensely laced with her sensual sounds of lovemaking. 

And yes, the photos inside of “Between These Thighs” are of Cin, as well as the audio book being read in her own voice, to the sexual sounds that resonates her orgasms from ear to ear, and down your spine; almost as if she is standing behind you, leaning over, and breathing her warm words into your ear.

For years women have had their romance novels, and it is about damned time that you guys have yours!! 

Do not wait any longer—purchase your copy today!!

Enjoy and thank you…