Welcome To The World Of Cin!!


In being asked if a woman’s orgasm is the same as a man’s?  My immediate reply was, “I do not know.” (Giggles)

This question plagued me for some time, causing me to go deep into thought for the answer.  How could it be? How could any person’s orgasm be the same or exactly the same? Think about it. How could a person even know exactly how another person feel, let alone, their orgasms?

We can tell each other how we feel or felt, and describe it in great detail to one another, but can the person that is listening grasp it to where they can truly say that they felt the same exact feelings?  No. (Smile)

I am sure that many papers, articles, columns and books have been written on this subject, and I must admit that I have not read any of them. Mainly to not sway from what I am feeling and feel when I see my words come alive onto paper, or to feel what I feel when I am wrapped in his arms, melting into him. 

I try to keep my mind clear of the chatter, and of words that really have nothing to do with what I feel at that moment, while in that moment of ecstasy. This, I believe, is what makes my orgasms more than frequent, more than multiple, more than the norm, actually beyond what you could ever imagine.

I want to express to you, through my stories how you men, make us women feel by using my words to stir up your passion deep within you; allowing you to know how we, or I, myself, experience the moment from the beginning to the end.  I am a very visual, extremely sensual, and sexual female that feels everything, and just from a word, a sentence, a feeling, a man’s thick wrists, his low and/or deep voice, or the shape of a man’s eyes will start me to see visions that come alive right before my eyes, manifesting itself into stories.

I really hope that you enjoy my stories and also hope that you will be anxious to purchase the second book from The Cindarotica Collection.  The stories are more intense (see the teaser in the back section of this book), more photos will be added, and each book, as well as this one, will also be available in audio-book format for those that do not like to read, have time to read, or would like to hear the steamy seduction of my voice read the book to you. (Smile)

However, I must warn you now, that the audio book is severely and intensely sexual. (Cinful Smile)

Enjoy and thank you . . .