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He weakens me. He weakens me into softness. Girly giggles. Lowering eyes of tenderness. And I try to fight it. Wanting to run from it, but he have me in his grip like a vise, making me think twice.

The power in his eyes, massive thighs, hands, arms and chest, will not allow my heart to rest.   

Tossing and turning me into distress, tangled sheets of wet.  I drown into him with eyes open wide, no way to decide; the decision was made long before I met him.

I crawl to him. Hands before  knees, wanting to please, tease, and taste his tip, causing my juices to drip in exchange for the pleasures that he will kiss upon my lips.



I came and I saw.  What I saw was him.

Still wanting him.  Wanting, lusting, heavy breathing--waiting for his touch.

I try not to look at him, feeling his devilish eyes in my loins, arousing me, making me want him even more.

He distracted me when we first met with only words; he distracts me even more now than before.

I wanted him then, but now, now, it is stronger, the feeling intensifies as I look into his eyes to speak and my words quickly become lost.

Just looking at him makes me rage with such sexual intensity that I wanted to bed him right then and there.

We stand there smiling into each other’s eyes, and I can see all of his lusty secrets, his wants, his needs, and how he needs it…

I am thinking that I want to give it to him just like he likes it, how he wants it, and the way I feel it.  A steamy, lusty, raging, hot, biting, licking, tickling, sucking, kissing night of my raging passion for him.

I want to make him feel what he makes me feel when I look at him, how I feel when I hear his voice.




He takes my breath away just to hear his voice.

Leaving me no choice but to drown into him.

Feeling my flesh crawl for him, fall for him, every part of me calls to him.

“He” Is my words that spill from my pen to paper.

(Cinful smile)


Remembering you in this moment is simply too much! Too Strong! Too long!  Deepening into the deepest part of me that fits you so well, as you swell, penetrating the very core of me.  Taking what you take from me; only to replace it with feelings.  SteAling me away from myself to become part of you.

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