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Cinda "Cin" Cianelli

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A Sneak Peek Into The New Website

Welcome To The World Of Cin...

Who Is Cin?  Cinda "Cin" Cianelli is an Artist, Published Author, Audiobook Producer, Standup Comedian, Former Professional Runway Model, Clothing Designer, Inventor, and Entrepreneur, with much more to her credits.  She has been residing in Las Vegas, Nevada since August 1993, to present, and in Italy off/on since November 2006. 

The Cindarotica Collection – Is an erotically charged book collection compiled into 15 to 20 short stories each.  Written specifically for and dedicated to all men that want to truly know how they make women feel, before, during, and after, the throws of passion.  It has quickly become a favorite read for women as well (new books are being released soon).

Gear Grinders – A new project that has taken 3.5 years to create while traveling to and through every state in America 50 to 200 times each (nearing completion).

Las Vegas Life – Living, Loving, Playing, and Working The Entertainment Capital of The World!

Standup Comedian  - Yaaaaaasssssssss Honties!! She has thrown her hat into the ring. Telling real and uncensored stories about her crazy life and what dating is truly like in Sin City Las Vegas. Catch her performance every other Sunday in a Las Vegas Venue near you (Schedule TBA in new website).

Much Much More - Think you know her?  Nope!  You don't!  When they made Cin, they broke the mold. See a lot more in the, up and coming, new website. 

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Google her by name:  Cinda Cianelli, and/or by Cindarotica.  Then click on "Images" and/or "Video".