A Side Of Cin That You Have Never Seen Before!

Things You didn't Know About cinda

Cinda was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Where she spent the majority of her childhood, then moved with her parents and siblings to Overbrook, Oklahoma at the age of 14. Then later moved to Ardmore, Oklahoma; where she spent close to four years before moving back to Ohio and has been residing in Las Vegas, Nevada since August of 1993 and Italy off and on since November 2006 to present day.

As a child, Cinda showed a vast array of skills that caught the attention of all adults who encountered her. You could not help but to stop and stare at her with big eyes, and a gapping mouth, when she sung opera as a Soprano I, better than a trained professional at the age of seven years old. She was born with that skill.

The following year, she started designing and sewing gowns as well as dresses, never using a sewing pattern. Her first dress was made out of an ironing-board cover that turned out to be an amazing, shimmering silver, backless gown, which she later got in trouble for and spent the better part of the day using a seam ripper to restore the cover and place it back on the ironing board.  

That did not stop her creativity with fashion though. She would later, in years, shop the thrift stores for modern and vintage clothing which she redesigned into unique and sought-after pieces. She also began creating her own line of gowns and mini dresses in Ohio, and selling them to family and friends, then later selling them to all others that wanted something sensually unique. She Ultimately named her clothing line, "The Haynesworth Dress". This was another skill that Cinda was born with.

At age nine, Cinda took a serious interest in reading. She read so much that sometimes she would read two books in one day. You ask her who is her favorite author, and without hesitation she'd say, "William Shakespeare!" At the age of nine, she was also able to understand a vast amount of Shakespeare's work. Her favorite piece, she eagerly expresses, is "Julius Caesar".   

Also at age nine, she read and skimmed through vast amount of books that included fiction, romance, sexy, law books that her father was given, encyclopedias, cooking, traveling, home renovation, interior design, logical thinking, spiritualism, religion, books on self improvement, ballet, self defense, private investigating, and business; while teaching herself from every book that was in her grasp.

Cinda has been writing since third grade. She started taking her craft seriously at the end of 2007. She writes dating books, erotica. "Not Porn", she whispers then giggles. She  also writes how-too books, sci-fi, screenplays, romance novels, and more, under her own named and a few aliases. She will be releasing her first children's book line in late 2021.

To know Cinda personally, is to honestly and truly love her. She is extremely kind-hearted, always smiling and behind that smile is a very intelligent, confident, goal oriented, giggly, but also a bit shy, and delightful female that houses a vast amount of skills and knowledge in that sexy brain of hers.

She's also very sensual, passionate, steamy, hot and lusty, but she doesn't know that she is and that also makes her even more sexy, lovable and wanted.

She's a very happy-go-lucky woman with a warmth about her that lights up a room. People stop and stare at her, then whisper and admire this tall drink as her body sways with grace in her 6 or 7" high heels; still owning the walk of a professional runway model, a title that she held for six years. 


With getting to know Cinda, some people say that she is very secretive, and a very private person. We would not say secretive, as she has experienced more in her life than most and don't mind sharing. It's just that she has experienced so much, there is much to talk about, so she tells only snippets of her life experiences, unless a person asks for more details.

Cinda sometimes gets out to perform at an open mic or two, host some local Las Vegas shows, dance salsa all night long, country line dance, take her Honda CBR 900RR Stunt Motorcycle out for a spin around town.

You may catch her sitting in the VIP of some local hot spots, walking a red or black carpet event, even spending time with some big named celebrities. Cinda is still a very down-to-earth person and is still a bit of a loner who spends a great deal of her time locked away writing, and creating.

She explains that most people think that she is a party animal with a long line of suitors that wrap around a couple of big-city blocks. Cinda laughs aloud and says that she's never seen them, and that she doesn't see them even now. However, she deeply expresses that she wants only one special guy. She states with confidence, "I do not plan to settle for anything less than a man that can accept me for who I am, and all the gifts that I was born with." 


Cinda is truly a simple but complex woman. There are so many ways to describer her, but to shorten it, and explain her to a perfect stranger, well in the words that, we, her close friends describe her would be this:  Fun, funny, full of energy, very positive, optimistic, witty, tall, curvy, statuesque, chocolatey, educated, beautiful, sexy, sensual, steamy, giggly, youthful, always smiling, extremely addictive, giving, creative, positive, loving, adventuress, loner, kind, wise, awake, confident, sometimes shy, somewhat fearless, not afraid to speak her mind (with kindness), have a plethora of skills and knowledge, and the most down-to-earth person that you will probably meet in this day and age.

And she thinks that she's just a simple girl in a woman's body.  She's more.


She's truly and amazing person.

~ Written By Her Closest Friends ~